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JUNE '23

Tenderfoot Theatre present 'Break' - a short reflection on the positive impact of creative expression and mindfulness on the mental well-being of healthcare practitioners.

Developed from the stories and experiences of real healthcare professionals for the Arts and Wellbeing for All conference.


Stop the World, We're Getting Off


Tenderfoot’s debut touring production Stop the World, We’re Getting Off was a cautionary tale exploring the impacts of climate denial and fractious human interventions.

Stop the World, We’re Getting Off charged into the difficult questions surrounding population anxiety armed with the hope that still lingers, just within our reach.




Tenderfoot Theatre’s debut show IMPACT was created as part of our in-house residency at the Chapel, Ormskirk Arts House.

The show was set on an 800-litre bed of natural material, including sand, earth, bark, and water, and followed the story of our planet from conception to narrowly avoided destruction, as told through a bedtime story to our future children.


The Waste Wall

APRIL 2021

Inspired by the flower walls of Insta feeds alike, Tenderfoot designed an alternative photo backdrop – a collage of a month’s worth of recyclable household waste to display just how much waste each household could be unknowingly mismanaging.

The public were encouraged to take a snap or a selfie with the waste wall and stick it up on social media with the hashtag #wastewall and help raise awareness of conscious waste management.

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