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a nurse using a red phone

With the NHS under immense pressure, medical staff in the UK are facing a pandemic of their own - with stress, burnout, and exhaustion at an all-time high. Tenderfoot Theatre present 'Break' - a short reflection on the positive impact of creative expression and mindfulness on the mental well-being of healthcare practitioners.

Developed from the stories and experiences of real healthcare professionals, Break is the story taking place in the shadows of the healthcare system; in the hospital corridors, cars, bathroom stalls, and nurse's stations across the UK, in those brief but essential few minutes where our medical workers can come up for air and take a moment to breathe, to reflect, and to turn their incredible care inwards.


Creative Team
Director: Daniel Vernon
Costume: Kate-Elizabeth Carey
Set: Joseph Roberts
Sound: Daniel Vernon
Lighting: Daniel Vernon
Fran Clover
Christina Handley
Joseph Roberts
Kate-Elizabeth Carey


a red phone dangling from a table



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