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The Waste Wall

a board with trash arranged to mimic a flower wall

Around 80% of landfill in the UK is made up of recyclable waste. Much of this ends up in our oceans and waterways, causing damage to wildlife and natural ecosystems, before washing up on the very same beaches we love to snap our Instagram photos on. Inspired by the flower walls of Insta feeds alike, Tenderfoot designed an alternative photo backdrop – a collage of a month’s worth of recyclable household waste to display just how much waste each household could be unknowingly mismanaging.

Jammed with interactive parts and facts on how best to recycle your waste, members of the public were encouraged to take a snap or a selfie with the waste wall and stick it up on social media with the hashtag #wastewall and help raise awareness of conscious waste management. Say cheese!

The Waste Wall was designed in 2019 for the Sustainability Fair at Edge Hill University. It was then transferred to The Chapel, Ormskirk Arts House in 2020, where it was displayed before being dismantled and its component parts recycled.

Around 80% of landfill in the UK is made up of recyclable waste, with a large portion of our litter washing out to sea
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