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Tenderfoot Theatre’s debut show IMPACT was created as part of our in-house residency at the Chapel,
Ormskirk Arts House. The show was set on an 800-litre bed of natural material, including sand, earth, bark, and water, and followed the story of our planet from conception to narrowly avoided destruction, as told through a bedtime story to our future children. An immersive, sensory experience, IMPACT brought together our community in the research, development, and even live improvising of the show to create a collective encounter with our natural world. IMPACT was developed as part of the Climate Change Theatre Action Festival 2021, a global celebration of ecotheatre and climate activism.


Creative Team
Director: Daniel Vernon
Writer/s: Angela Emurwon, Caity-Shea Violette, Chris Thorpe, Georgie Cunningham, Hanna Cormick, Nicolas Billon, and Zoe Svendsen
Costume: Kate-Elizabeth Carey
Set: Kate-Elizabeth Carey and Joseph Roberts
Sound: Daniel Vernon
Lighting: Daniel Vernon
Videography: Christina Handley

Performers: Christina Handley, Fran Clover, Georgie Cunningham, Joseph Roberts, Kate-Elizabeth Carey, Phoebe Orsmond, and Tom Kendall.



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