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Welcome to Clapham South tube station - the ramshackle home of the last five survivors of the climate crisis. Left with the ruins of generations before them, a dwindling oxygen supply leaves only enough breathable air for the remaining five people - and Ava is pregnant.


As the oxygen falls around them, can they come together and stabilise their living situation, or will someone pay the ultimate price? 'Stop the World, We’re Getting Off' explores the population anxiety facing young people today, and reminds us of the hope that still lingers, just within our reach.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022

Stop the World, We're Getting Off is coming to the Edinburgh Fringe! 


We'll be bringing our corner of the apocalypse to Scotland for two weeks of sex, smash, and saving the world. Join us for what audiences are calling 'totally captivating' as we head deep underground each day from 12:40pm. 


theSpace@Venue 45, 63 Jeffrey Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1DH

15-20/22-27 August 2022 
12:40-13:40 (60m)


It's the end of the world as we know it, and you won't want to be anywhere else.


Part of the #OneFringeOnePlanet sustainable shows at Fringe campaign. 

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Please contact the Arts Centre box office on 01695 584480 or to purchase tickets

20th-26th June: Etcetera Theatre, Camden 

1st July: Doncaster Little Theatre, Doncaster

22nd July: The Beggar's Theatre, Millom

15th-20th, 22nd-27th August: Venue 45, Edinburgh

6th October: The Arts Centre, Ormskirk

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CAST (Live Performers) 

Cayden Adam Gannon 

Ava Georgie Cunningham 

Kimmy Kate-Elizabeth Carey 

Alden Joseph Barber-Roberts 

Roarke Tom McGeough 


Production Manager Fran Clover  

Director Dan Vernon 

Tour Manager Georgie Cunningham  

Set Design Joseph Barber-Roberts 

Costume Design Kate-Elizabeth Carey 

Media Producer Chrissie Handley 

Production Assistant Phoebe Orsmond

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