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Stop the World, We're Getting Off

a couple, cayden and ava, sat in the dark next to an old generator

Tenderfoot’s debut touring production 'Stop the World, We’re Getting Off' was a cautionary tale exploring the impacts of climate denial and fractious human interventions. A love letter to those living in fear of family planning in the face of the climate crisis, Stop the World was a story set hundreds of miles underground in the post-climate-apocalyptic shelter of Clapham South tube station. Left with the ruins of generations before them, a dwindling oxygen supply leaves only enough breathable air for the remaining five people – and Ava is pregnant. As the oxygen falls around them, can they come together and stabilise their living situation, or will someone pay the ultimate price? Stop the World, We’re Getting Off charged into the difficult questions surrounding population anxiety armed with the hope that still lingers, just within our reach.

Stop the World, We’re Getting Off debuted at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden on 1 June 2022. The show
completed a UK tour and run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival before winding up at The Arts Centre, EHU in
October 2022.


Creative Team
Director: Daniel Vernon
Writer/s: Georgie Cunningham, Tenderfoot Theatre
Costume: Kate-Elizabeth Carey
Set: Kate-Elizabeth Carey and Joseph Roberts
Sound: Daniel Vernon
Lighting: Daniel Vernon, Fran Clover, and Phoebe Orsmond
Media: Christina Handley
Videography: Christina Handley
Performers (live): Adam Gannon, Georgie Cunningham, Joseph Roberts, Kate-Elizabeth Carey, and Tom McGeough

Performers (film): Ben White, Bethan Taylor, Christina Handley, Cian Taylor, Daniel Vernon, Danielle Keogan, Ellaika Villegas, Fran Clover, Hannah Park, Jude Jackson-Jones, LarnaKeogan, Nicola Jackson-Jones, Phoebe Orsmond, and Sam Skett.


stop the world, we're getting off poster. a couple in a train station.



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