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While You Wait


‘While You Wait’ is the story of Bri- who’s trapped in their child-sized home where the climate is heating up, and fast. 
Luckily, the 3 committee members nearby are committed to saving them... but it might take them a little while.

‘While You Wait’ is an interactive comedy where climate change meets The Thick of It, diving into what happens when we spend too much time talking and not enough time acting on climate issues.

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Pollution is everywhere. It's in our air, our water, the food we eat, and the technology we buy. We never consented to this - and yet like a predator it invades our bodies, seeping its way into every crack and corner of our lives; our happiness; and our health. Our bodies deserve better than this. 

The story of our polluted bodies has never been so ready to be told. Slick is a call to action, an open letter to corporations, and a place of defiance.

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Biosphere is our brand new immersive and interactive audio installation piece exploring the connection between nature and healing through a combination of spoken word and meditation. 

Put on the headphones, delve into the soil and be surrounded by plants that were grown as part of a social prescribing initiative aimed at using horticulture to help heal survivors of trauma, and with skin-to-soil contact offering us just as much dopamine as a good hug, it’s no wonder plants are such a healing force. 

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