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Workshops and Talks


Unlock your creativity with Tenderfoot's inspiring workshops led by our experienced researchers and theatre makers. Suitable for ages 14+, our workshops can be tailored to your needs, from hour-long sessions to our intensive week-long making lab. 

Explore the world of ecotheatre through interactive activities, collaborative exercises, and thought-provoking discussions. Whether you're a drama student, aspiring artist, or theatre enthusiast, our workshops offer a platform for creative expression and exploration. 

Designed to be delivered in isolation, or as part of a series - you can build the workshop package that best suits your needs, tailor made for you.


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Learn how to craft authentic acting through using your own personality as character, and how to apply the work to a written dramatic text using methods from Sanford Meisner and John Wright. Through this workshop we offer our rehearsal toolkit to you, for use in further text-based performances.

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Explore using your body as a tool for storytelling in performance, as we introduce you to the art of mask. Immerse yourself in a slice of Tenderfoot's rehearsal room as we dive into movement-based, physically expressive work, using Laban Movement Analysis to explore ways to take off the mask of yourself and take up another. How do you play a character without first losing your own?

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Introducing Thrifty Theatre - a workshop that explores creative second-hand theatre making, using found text, upcycled costume design, and multi-use props to create short pieces of drama that don't cost the earth. Build a short play using only the things that we find, and step onto our Cast-Off Catwalk for the ultimate second-hand costume-making challenge!

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Explore the wonder of body/earth connection with Body and Soil - our movement workshop that utilises natural materials to inspire devised movement and dance work that moves in harmony with our planet. Inspired by the work of Pina Bausch, join Tenderfoot's movement co-ordinators to create original pieces of sustainably-informed dance.

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Nature is changing, dying and new things are coming. They’re all stories. - Wise words from David Attenborough. Join Tenderfoot's crack-squad of writers as we embark on a journey of the stories of our planet. Put our climate storytelling methods to the test as we delve into the joys and pitfalls of communicating the climate crisis. Ideal for emerging writers, devisers, and storytellers of all kinds.


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Welcome to the place where art meets ecology. Introducing Ecotheatre is our foundation talk, opening the door to the world of ecotheatre, and diving head first into Tenderfoot's research and practices. Using our critically-acclaimed past works as case studies, we'll explore and respond to approaches to theatre making with sustainability at the centre.



Designed with community engagement in mind, Nature To Nurture explores the foundations of Tenderfoot's approach to ecotheatre and how they can be implemented for community benefit and positive climate action. With interactive activities and thought-provoking case studies, we'll consider how creativity and community can build bridges and better conversations about climate change.



Sustainable stories, sustainably made. In Eco-Designing you'll work with our sustainable designer Kate-Elizabeth Carey to tackle eco-costume design, upcycling, repurposing and experimenting with new materials. Lose yourself in world building and holistic set design principles, performance environment, and gain hands-on skills in the practical method of sourcing, construction and disposal sustainably. 

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