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Hosting a mental health event this spring/summer? Explore the healing force of plants with Biosphere: Tenderfoot Theatre’s new pop-up eco dome! 

Biosphere is our brand new immersive and interactive audio installation piece exploring the connection between nature and healing through a combination of spoken word and meditation. 

Put on the headphones, delve into the soil and be surrounded by plants that were grown as part of a social prescribing initiative aimed at using horticulture to help heal survivors of trauma, and with skin-to-soil contact offering us just as much dopamine as a good hug, it’s no wonder plants are such a healing force. 

"A wonderful moving experience, thank you and please continue such incredible work."

"It was different, beautiful and a very clever well thought out concept. It provided a multi-sensory experience. I loved it!"

Biosphere is now available to book for mental health events, installations, galleries, and more. To enquire, email 

Written and designed by Georgie Cunningham


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