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Pollution is everywhere.
It's in our air, our water, the food we eat, and the technology we buy. We never consented to this - and
yet like a predator it invades our bodies, seeping it's way into every crack and corner of our lives; our
happiness; and our health. Our bodies deserve better than this.

The story of our polluted bodies has never been so ready to be told.

Slick is a call to action, an open letter to corporations, and a place of defiance.

Slick was developed as a deep dive into the prevalence of pollutants in our everyday lives – the ones we expect, the ones we don’t, and the ones we love too much to let go. Mingling horror, satire, spoken word, and dance – it’s an expression of the human condition in the face of the largest health threat we have ever faced. It’s a call to action, an open letter to corporations, and a place of defiance.

Slick is a play in three acts – 
Slick. It's life as we know it – right?
Slick, The Ads. What are we really buying into? 
Slick, It’s Sexy. And it's the most toxic relationship we've ever been in...

Check out the Slick programme here!


Production Team

Christina Handley

Christina Handley

Production Management
Fran Clover

Production Assistants
Kate-Elizabeth Carey
Georgie Cunningham
Daniel Vernon
Joseph Roberts

Kate-Elizabeth Carey

Georgie Cunningham
Fran Clover

Kate-Elizabeth Carey

Ad Script
Georgie Cunningham

Georgie Cunningham
Kate-Elizabeth Carey

Kate-Elizabeth Carey

Christina Handley


Josie Curran - Malcolm Evans - Laura Gogarty - Tom McGeough - Chris Dale - Shagun Chhotwani - Fran Clover Joseph Morris - Joseph Roberts - Christina Handley 
Elly Benson - Jim Thompson - Filip Kazubski 
Sophie Moseley - Georgie Cunningham - Adam Rushton Danielle Keogan - Larna Keogan - Teddy Rushton
George Shippey - Ralitsa Arnaudova - Tom Cain 
Daniel Vernon - Alice Irving - Eli Morgan - Ivy Harris
Kate-Elizabeth Carey




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