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'Break' at Arts for the Wellbeing of All

Tenderfoot Theatre present 'Break' - a short reflection on the positive impact of creative expression and mindfulness on the mental wellbeing of healthcare practitioners.

With the NHS under immense pressure, medical staff in the UK are facing a pandemic of their own - with stress, burnout, and exhaustion at an all time high.

The verbatim piece is developed from the stories and experiences of real healthcare professionals, it’s the story taking place in the shadows of the healthcare system; in the hospital corridors, cars, bathroom stalls, and nurse's stations across the UK- in those brief but essential few minutes where our medical workers can come up for air and take a moment to breathe, to reflect, and to turn their incredible care inwards.

Made for the Arts for the Wellbeing of All: New Horizons in Research’ event ran by Edge Hill's FHSC- 20th & 21st June 2023


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