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Arts for the Wellbeing of All

We had a fantastic time attending Edge Hill University's Arts for the Wellbeing of All conference this week.

Day 1, we showcased 'Slick', our recent digital short about how pollution and microplastics are invading every aspect of our lives and bodies, and the deadly effects it’s already having on marine life.

We also ran Biosphere- our immersive and interactive audio installation piece, exploring the connection between nature and healing through a combination of spoken word and meditation.

Day 2 saw us don our scrubs to perform 'Break', a verbatim response to research undertaken by Edge Hill Uni, Liverpool Uni and Salford Uni.

It’s the story taking place in the shadows of the healthcare system; in the hospital corridors, cars, bathroom stalls, and nurse’s stations across the UK, in those brief but essential few minutes where our medical workers can come up for air and take a moment to breathe, to reflect, and to turn their incredible care inwards.

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