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Tenderfoot Nominated for Edge Hill Alumni Award 2023

We're so excited to announce that on 25th April, Tenderfoot Theatre will be attending Edge Hill University's 2023 Careers Awards, where we have been nominated for the Alumni Award!

The award is given to alumni who have made an outstanding contribution to their community and gone on to do something extra special within the last 3 years.

Tenderfoot Theatre came into being when we were just first years - we've had the joy of growing up with the company and Edge Hill University have been right behind us all the way - from freshers week to graduation and now as the resident company of the Arts Centre. The incredible commitment the university has to championing students, its dedication to arts and ecology research, and the unwavering support of the amazing staff who work there have allowed us to make Tenderfoot the company it is today - and to be able to come back and work with current students has been the biggest joy.

We can't wait to celebrate with the other incredible nominees - we'd better dust off our dancing shoes!


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