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We use a wide range of methods to ensure our productions are sustainable. We believe sustainable designs act as a physical manifestation of the solution, that people can get up close and personal with, making sustainability accessible, visual and tactile.

sustainable costuming

Our costuming practice uses a three-fold approach:

UPCYCLE - taking pre-loved clothing and making it fit for use again

REPURPOSE - using unconventional materials to make our designs

EXPERIMENT - experimenting with new sustainable methods

We aim to spark curiosity with our costuming and believe problem-solving is at the heart of sustainability

performance environment

Our definition of a performance environment is a transformative, sensory setting which blurs the boundaries between stage and audience. 

We seek to create an experience which involves everyone from cast member to audience, this is all of our story, we write it together.

tactical sourcing

We source all of our design materials sustainably and second hand. As well as sourcing from second hand shops, online preloved marketplaces, borrowing, the side of the road, we also work with local businesses to reduce waste by using byproducts that would otherwise go to landfill

This method of sourcing creates a hands-on community approach to creating a show and encourages collaboration between local businesses

end of life in mind

We build our sets and costume to dismantle. We think about what the item will be after it has finished its journey with us. We do this to avoid anything going to landfill or being unusable for the future. Examples of the next steps for items: donating, composting, keeping or repurposing. 

To read the full design manifesto, or to enquire about design exhibitions or workshops, email:

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