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In 2021, Tenderfoot Theatre became partners of SustainNET – a network community of individuals at Edge Hill University and the wider Lancs/Mersey region who are passionate about sustainability. Formed with the
support of the Institute of Social Responsibility (ISR), it seeks to advance the sustainability agenda both on
campus and in our region on four connected fronts: research, education, student engagement, and local
community partnership. In November 2021, we took part in the SustainNET Green Fair – with stalls detailing
our practices with practical activities, live performances, and interviews with the team.


Creative Team
Stall Design:
Kate-Elizabeth Carey and Georgie Cunningham
Writer/s: Angela Emurwon, Caity-Shea Violette, Chris Thorpe, Georgie Cunningham, Hanna Cormick, Nicolas Billon, and Zoe Svendsen
Costume: Kate-Elizabeth Carey
Set: Kate-Elizabeth Carey and Joseph Roberts
Sound: Daniel Vernon
Lighting: Daniel Vernon
Performers: Christina Handley, Daniel Vernon, Georgie Cunningham, Joseph Roberts, Kate-Elizabeth Carey, and Tom Kendall
Photography: Christina Handley


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