Welcome to Clapham South tube station - the ramshackle home of the last five survivors of the climate crisis. Left with the ruins of generations before them, a dwindling oxygen supply leaves only enough breathable air for the remaining five people - and Ava is pregnant. As the oxygen falls around them, can they come together and stabilise their living situation, or will someone pay the ultimate price? 'Stop the World, We’re Getting Off' explores the population anxiety facing young people today, and reminds us of the hope that still lingers, just within our reach. 

New eco-theatre writing by Tenderfoot Theatre

Touring June-October

five masked actors lay on a floor in a circle


October 2021

In October 2021, we developed IMPACT for the Climate Change Theatre Action festival 2021. The show was developed from a database of climate-change plays written by playwrights from across the globe, and devised as a bedtime story for

our future children.

georgie cunningham and kate-elizabeth carey are interviewed for sustain net sustainability festival

we joined our partners at EHU for the SustainNet Sustainability Festival.  We hosted a range of pop-up interactions – from our ‘How Bad Are Bananas’ carbon footprint game based on the book by Mike Berners-Lee, to our sustainable costuming exhibition in the Hub, before rounding off the day with an extract performance of IMPACT at the Arts Centre! To catch our interview with the Sustainability Fair Livestream click here


October 2021

georgie cunningham plays daisy chain tag with children

love2play fest

The Love2Play festival took place as Covid restrictions were lifted back in April, encouraging everyone outside to play having been indoors for so long. Working with artist and illustrator Angie Thompson, we developed Daisy Chain Tag - a playful intervention aimed at reconnecting people in nature, as we worked with the Ormskirk community to chalk giant daisy chains all over the town. 

april 2021

In partnership with Angie Thompson

georgie cunningham and joseph barber-roberts stand in front of the waste wall. a wall with a months worth of recycling pinned to a wall for photo opportunities

the waste wall

Commissioned as a photo opportunity spot for the Sustainability Fair at Edge Hill University, the Waste Wall was our take on instagram-worthy flower walls - only ours is made of a month’s worth of household recycling. The campaign ran to raise awareness of the growing trash crisis in our waters, by showing just how much our recyclable waste adds up, and where it ends up if we don’t dispose of things properly. After popping up around Ormskirk, the wall was dismantled and recycled!

February 2020

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